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Welcome to the world of content marketing!

Internet and new media have changed the behavior of buyers forever.

Your customers don’t see conventional ads and don’t respond to marketing activities.
You can no longer sell to today’s customer.
The customer must buy.Start a win-win game with your customers:

Feed them with valuable and engaging content about yourself!

Content marketing tells you how to engage your customers with your product and business.
and create a special competitive advantage.

Tell your business story differently.

Why is content important and will it become more important ?

Engage your audience – wherever they are in the buying cycle – with your business and product story.

Follow their footsteps, provide them with appropriate content and turn them into loyal customers.

Content marketing is a smart strategy to reach your sales goals.

Why Content marketing ?

new customers

A valid brand represents your business identity.

Content marketing boosts brand awareness.

Keeps the customer

Content powers sales journey.

Present your product as a unique solution to their needs.

Sells products

Content marketing doesn't end with sales.

Leverage customer lifecycle for business success.

Makes a brand

Identify target market, boost product visibility.

Content marketing grabs attention for your product.

Unraveling Karma: Exploring Content Marketing’s Impact

Navigating the Evolution and Influence of Content Marketing in the Modern Landscape

Content marketing is not a new topic in the marketing world:
It is, because its conscious and methodical use is about a decade old;
And it is not, because during this time many businesses have turned to it and use its power.

Karma is a group that works in the field of content marketing – from research to providing services.

we at Karma :

  • We provide new and high-quality services in the field of content marketing to companies and organizations
  • We teach content marketing enthusiasts
  • We produce up-to-date educational content in the field of content marketing
  • We develop creative products and ideas to implement content marketing

Arm yourself with today’s knowledge!

Karma is the first Iranian center that is centralized
He holds basic training courses in the field of content marketing.

Learn skills by participating in Karma courses
which is designed for “today’s” business needs!

Principles of Content Marketing: Exploring All Options

Master the Strategies and Tactics to Maximize Your Marketing Potential

Gone are the days when the only way to introduce the product to the audience was through newspaper ads or TV teasers!

The spread of the Internet, the development of the printing industry and the evolution of digital tools have provided new and more effective options for marketing your product.

The “Principles of Content Marketing” course introduces you to this new path. The path that Johnny has given to marketing!

Building Bridges with Words: The Art of Effective Writing

Crafting Texts That Forge Strong Connections and Foster Relationships

Do you know that customers “read” you before they “see” you or your product?!

You are no longer the one dealing with the customer! Your catalog, website, e-mail, brochure, article, proposal, and other texts are the first thing a customer will encounter.

And if these texts are not effective and attractive enough, your money and time will be wasted.

“Effective writing” is about turning the customer’s eyes towards you and making them come to you.

Setting up a Content marketing unit at the heart of  your company

Rail your future marketing path now!

Content Marketing Unit is the beating heart of marketing in your company

Karma helps you to start a powerful engine in your business in three steps.

1.Initial assessment

Reviewing your business case includes studying products, customers, sales plan, and target market characteristics.

2.Content strategy program

This program includes customer lifecycle analysis, content attributes and resources, and the content marketing process.

3.Setting up

Launch content marketing unit, adjusting manpower, operations, evaluation, and reporting processes to suit business capabilities.

Want more information about the content marketing unit?

Content marketing is a winning strategy, a superior solution!

What do the Numbers say?


93% of corporate marketers (B2B) use content marketing. Source: CMI                                                                                                            


Content marketing: costs 62% less, attracts 3x more customers.                                                                                                      


57% prioritize content creation. Source: Altimeter.                        



82% report positive ROI with content marketing. Source: HubSpot.


For these and other reasons…

Marketing managers consider content to be the future of marketing.

source: DemandMetric

Become irresistible to your competitors…